The IFFR in Rotterdam is happening again. Many great movies from all around the world are shown. However, not everything that is good is shown. And that’s why we showcase a rejected IFFR movie here today.

PAPAYA is a wonderful exploration of life, death and the power of suffocation from the filmmaking duo Misraïms Hacard (Latvia 1986) & Kimini Ju Nastee (Japan 1969).

They were rejected once before at the IFFR in 2008 with their their documentary “Parking lots, a tryptich”. This year they are back with their film ‘Papaya’. A film about opposites, hidden desires, group behaviour and time passing by. Misraïms Hacard about the film: ‘Life is like a wheel of fortune, which continuously runs around the axles of inevitable endings and fresh beginnings.’ Kimini Ju Nastee: ‘There are processes beyond our imagination, which distract us from who we really think we are. We are so busy grasping control of the wind, that we tend to exclude ourselves from the inner battle within us.’

We proudly present to you: PAPAYA.

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  • AnoMiekje

    WOW! op het laatst vallen alle stukjes ineens op zijn plaats. Echt heeeel tof gedaan!!

  • AnoMiekje

    WOW! echt super tof gedaan! Op het laatst vallen ineens alle stukjes in elkaar, echt mooi!!

  • Oliver

    Ongelofelijk. Heeft iemand dit al helemaal afgezien? In een bioscoop moet het natuurlijk wel spannend zijn of iemand voor het einde van de film nog een nieuw batterijtje in die wekker gaat doen…